Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Bye San Diego.

I finally broke free of the orbit mechanics of suck.

Currently, its midnight and I'm resting in a Best Western in downtown Sacramento.

Tomorrow is a big day. 8 hour mark by Google is Eugene Oregon.

But, It would be really cool if I could push through to Portland. Long ass drive though.

Car is running great. Both cats have forgiven me and are waiting for me to post this and turn out the light. Tero is so happy his kneading is drawing blood. Great, now I have to find what I packed the clippers into.

On a happy note, its about 43 degrees here. I took my pants off and decided to check and make sure I locked the car. Did I remember my room key? Course not. Had to run around the building in the cold without shoes and request a new keycard from a blushing front desk clerk.

Come on, maam. Its been a month since I've been to the gym.

By the way, California drivers suck. Only we can jam up interstate 5 in the middle of nowhere because we want to get gas at the same damn place after thanksgiving weekend. Highway 43.

Parking lot for miles. Bastards.

But, by the time San Francisco exits showed up, traffic thinned out.

Well, gnight y'all.


  1. Hope that today is going better. You are making great time!
    I knew that they would forgive you, cats really do have a short attention span.