Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trash Bins at the McDonalds, Downtown Seattle

Had to read the instructions before I could properly dispose of my salad remains.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Bye San Diego.

I finally broke free of the orbit mechanics of suck.

Currently, its midnight and I'm resting in a Best Western in downtown Sacramento.

Tomorrow is a big day. 8 hour mark by Google is Eugene Oregon.

But, It would be really cool if I could push through to Portland. Long ass drive though.

Car is running great. Both cats have forgiven me and are waiting for me to post this and turn out the light. Tero is so happy his kneading is drawing blood. Great, now I have to find what I packed the clippers into.

On a happy note, its about 43 degrees here. I took my pants off and decided to check and make sure I locked the car. Did I remember my room key? Course not. Had to run around the building in the cold without shoes and request a new keycard from a blushing front desk clerk.

Come on, maam. Its been a month since I've been to the gym.

By the way, California drivers suck. Only we can jam up interstate 5 in the middle of nowhere because we want to get gas at the same damn place after thanksgiving weekend. Highway 43.

Parking lot for miles. Bastards.

But, by the time San Francisco exits showed up, traffic thinned out.

Well, gnight y'all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yes, I'm shouting. My back is killing me.

The garbage people are going to soil themselves when they see what I put in their cans Monday morning.

I'm waiting for my rent deposit refund. Which, I hope, should arrive early this week.

I wasn't successful in getting all things into the big box. But, what is left is sitting in the trunk and back seat of the car. Or, its boxed up for UPS to send north for me. Maybe they will soil themselves too. B-)

I shouldn't drag along my ski boots and snowboard boots. But, I think my bowling ball will fit in the trunk. B-)

Emptied out my Public Storage locker today. One less lock key to lose.

Thank you Mrs. Baxter, who is keeping Tero and Eric safe while I focus on packing and recovering from packing.

To Big Box Storage on Miramar. Who keep retrieving my storage boxes so I can jam more stuff in there. Again? Sigh.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ok, the box will hold no more.

Today, I substituted the black plastic drawer thing for four more 5-gal tubs. The stained glass window is surfing the top 6 inches over all the stuff.

Unpacking is going to be like a game of Jenga. The tool box is on the right with the orange thing on the handle. The Tempurpedic mattress halves are on top. Its pretty darned full.

Car is halfway packed.

Got great news today. I've been invited for a job interview. Tuesday Nov 30th in Everett Washington with the bar code scanner company.

Which is good news because amassing the cash I need by waiting for checks to arrive in the mail is proving to be slower than anticipated.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh, I didn't want this to happen. But...

Ah hell.

Its my favorite dating website known as "Big Muscle Bears".

I was randomly chosen to be "featured".

Yeah, y'all can laugh right up until the time someone needs me to help move.

Yes, those are four year old "granny panties" I'm wearing.

If you're wondering where the naked pics are, there aren't any....yet.

Escape day is Wednesday (or thursday)

Was successful in getting through the first phone interview for a position in Everett WA. Face to face will probably be mid December if they choose to proceed.

I managed to donate the bulky parts of the master bedroom set (chest of drawers) except for the bedframe and night stand.

If you wondered how big my speakers are.... I could only haul one at a time.

Right now, the trick is figuring out how I can get everything to fit into one container so it will only cost me $1,200 to move. Guess I'll have to get up off my fat ass and go back to working on it.

Meanwhile, I miss Libby. But, here I am sharing my lap with the Gateway laptop, Libby and Tero. The laptop PC is at my knees at this point. Guess I have three of them and need longer arms.
Hah! Found it (again).

The date on this picture is January 5th of this year.

If I look fat its because I managed to tip the scales at 275 lbs.

I'm doing pretty good at 225 pounds today and hope to make further progress after the move.

Because Thanksgiving is Next week. I have to hit the road this week. I believe Thursday morning is the sweet spot to head towards Sacramento to stay the night.

Tero and Eric are still visiting with my close friend and former coworker. Eating and porking out.

The last significant move I've made was in 1996 when I moved out here to the Left coast.