Sunday, November 14, 2010

Escape day is Wednesday (or thursday)

Was successful in getting through the first phone interview for a position in Everett WA. Face to face will probably be mid December if they choose to proceed.

I managed to donate the bulky parts of the master bedroom set (chest of drawers) except for the bedframe and night stand.

If you wondered how big my speakers are.... I could only haul one at a time.

Right now, the trick is figuring out how I can get everything to fit into one container so it will only cost me $1,200 to move. Guess I'll have to get up off my fat ass and go back to working on it.

Meanwhile, I miss Libby. But, here I am sharing my lap with the Gateway laptop, Libby and Tero. The laptop PC is at my knees at this point. Guess I have three of them and need longer arms.

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